Belgravia Green Balance Units

This picture shows Belgravia Green Balance Units

Belgravia Green Balance Units Chart?

Belgravia Green Singapore by Fairview Development – Freehold Strata Landed Property | Cluster Houses | Terrace houses | Semi-Detached – off Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 on Belgravia Drive – Call Showflat hotline, See Belgravia Green floor plan

This Belgravia Green Balance Units is a freehold land development by the well-known property developer, Fairview Developments Pte Ltd (unit of the Tong Eng brothers). With a strong track record in the residential market, they are committed to building good quality homes with meticulous attention to detail.

The recent developments in Belgravia Drive off ang mo Kio Ave 5, in district 28, in a well-known area in Serangoon area and are well known to many Singaporeans, have seen many units which were being taken up during the launch period, however, these are being taken up at a fast rate. These properties play a real part in the overall takeup rate or we do have the updated availability chart. These are freehold cluster homes and there are 107 units available for your liking.

Check Belgravia Green Floor Plans or Site Plan.

You can get a copy of Belgravia our site plan or Belgravia Green Balance Units

Belgravia Green Location?

It is near the Serangoon Garden area and if this is the question that is on your mind, please contact us through the Belgravia Green Balance Units website contact form.

We do have the Shopping mall, the Seletar Mall, the Greenwich V, and near the CTE or central expressway highway

Belgravia-Green Project

For recently sold units, please check the latest updated available unit or you can request the latest updates. Or you can fill up the form on the right and get a copy of the latest developments. Of course, you will be informed that units are for sale.

Belgravia Green Showflat

Well, if you visit us, we can give you the direct developer price, but you need to visit us personally and get the quote.

The price may comprise of the followings;

  • Due to its excellent location and attractive prices is what you can get.
  • You can get VVIP discounts
  • The area that you get for this price
  • Share Value of this unit.
  • The allocated car park lots

Is BelgraviaGreen in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5?

Yes, near ang mo Kio hub and ang mo kio MRT

What’s near BelgraviaGreen?

Why Buy Belgravia Green project?

Well, it is a Belgravia Green Balance Units a freehold is a green condo and comes competitively priced. and we do unit reservations if you reserve the unit. And due to unit availability, please be informed that units, terrace units, or residential units are being taken up fast.

Singapore Tong Eng Group

Under the Belgravia series, we started with Belgravia Villas and Belgravia Green, a condo due to its excellent sales both are part of the same development. However Stratton Green is not part of this development.

Fairview Developer / Fairview Developments Pte Ltd

New Freehold Development Strata Cluster Landed Houses or landed Enclave and each house comes with a personal home lift. This condo is due to its excellent location and near green meadows.

MRT Station

Belgravia Green’s nearest station is at AMK

New Launch

The location of Belgravia is along Belgravia drive and we have 10 semi-detached units and 71 intermediate units

Seletar Hills

Roof Terrace

Along Ang Mo Kio Avenue


The area around Jalan Kayu ( a Malay term for a “woody area”) is now one of the most popular locations in the Serangoon area for food and entertainment. The site is a short drive away from some of the most popular restaurants such as Thohirah, Thasevi Food, and Chomp Chomp Food, enjoy food. There are also several shops and malls including Sengkang West Mall.


Society of Architects and Surveyors

Let us start with a bit about the developer and the expansion itself, an award was presented by the president of the Royal Society of Architects and Surveyors, Mr. Paul Johnson. In his words, “BelgraviaGreen is a stunning example of a development that has been designed with a sensitivity to the natural surroundings, making the most of the available land and maximizing scenic views over the surrounding countryside”

Model Layout

This Singapore condo does have a unique architecture that stands out from the crowd. The façade is a contemporary model that allows residents to enjoy their scenic view of the garden from the comfort of their home, through their glass-walled unit and you are well protected from the wind and rain. The architecture and landscaping of the development provide a unique sense of “belonging” to a place that complements these homes.

All inquiries are welcomed, whether you are looking to purchase your first home, looking to upgrade to a new home, or about buying investment accommodation. We can help you find the perfect abode to suit your needs and budget.

As real estate agents, we here will show you how to get the “best price or pricing” for your next home by looking at the unique selling points, and any upside potential, with a competitive market analysis, with key features, unit finishes, and with a detailed floor plan layouts.

We will discuss with your family and you the floor plan that will suit your lifestyle and be within your budget. 


As for children, we have a few playgrounds, for the toddlers, a kinder garden playground is at hand, and for the more mature kids, we have other playgrounds too.  

It is a condominium, which means that the owner has bought the unit and shares ownership with the other condo owners.

There are indoor and outdoor activities in this condo however, the balance of outdoor activities can be seen in contrast with the indoor activities.


Seletar Corridor

This regional and north coast innovation corridor are two areas that attract new business opportunities to this area. This could be due to the proximity of existing businesses to the new business expansion, or the new business improvement itself.

The area is home to Seletar Aerospace Park which has been growing towards becoming a state-of-the-art hub for the aerospace industry.


This place is surrounded by great schools and amenities. You have a variety of different schools based on the level of education for your kids. These are affordable options, be it Nanyang Junior College, Rosyth, or Presbyterian High.

Sengkang Region

This region is one of the most rapidly growing townships in Singapore. It has become an important economic hub and a major residential and commercial area, at the junction of Central and West.

Business Centres 

The Condo is a mist of innovation and entrepreneur hub. It is home to many national and international businesses, like Woodlands Regional, Seletar Regional, Tampines Regional, and Childcare Centres.

Health Fitness Gyms 

We do have exercise equipment and also other health-related equipment. And there are beauty services and they make duplicate keys or shoe restoration facility services.  

Recent Unit Sales History

What we have here is the past balance unit chart section, I am very excited to share with you some recent unit history sales. We had a record-breaking month for these unit sales in July, hitting an all-time high, even surpassing our previous high of February 2019. In fact, during the first half of 2020, unit sales are up 60% compared to the same period last year.

This is a great sign for future growth. We recently recorded our highest single-unit sales of the year and are already halfway through August.

Belgravia-Green Gallery Images

We have strata, terrace, semi-terrace, inter-terrace, and detached houses besides that we have these types as stated below;

TYPE C1 / C1-1 / C1-A / C1-A1 / C1-B / C1-C / C1-C1 / C2 / C2-1 / C2-1A / T1 / T1-1 / T1-A / T1-A1 / T1-B / T1-B1 / T2 / T2-1
TYPE S1 / S1-A / S2 / S3 / S3-A

detach – just a few 

How do we monetize, 3 options here;

Looking at condo buying, selling, outright sales, or renting it out, are all ways of making money from this asset.

When you buy a condo, which means you bought accommodation property that you can now own outright. In this transaction, you are taking out your savings to purchase a dwelling. So your savings are used up or depleted now and you need to make money out of this investment.  

Let’s start by selling that condo or accommodation, this means, we can make a profit by selling the dwelling, remember this is only can be done once and there is no reoccurrence of profit thereafter, the profit stops.

However, on the other hand, if we rented out this condo, that means, we can have an investment that gives a reoccurrence of rental income but you still own it. The only drawback is that you need to upkeep this property as time goes on as things start to degrade, so you will need to do some maintenance work regularly. But there is this, maintenance cost that you as the owner need to incur.

It is similar to owning a house but it is easier because it does not require any financial investment.

North-South Corridor

The new North-South Corridor highway is expected to open in 2018. However, because of the Covid issue here, this project was delayed. As a “history first”, we have two significant expressways included here that will be merging into one place. With a target population of about 10 million people, it’s a perfect location for everyone. It’s also the first time that a private developer has created this type of area.


Please do call us or fill up the “Contact Form” for any inquiries.


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Belgravia Green Balance Units

This picture shows Belgravia Green Balance Units
This picture shows Belgravia Green Balance Units