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Belgravia Green Floor Plan | Along Belgravia Drive in  Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

Belgravia Green postal code.

This is an innovative building design that offers a variety of benefits to its residents. The floor plan provides spacious and well-ventilated apartments with ample natural light, which helps promote good physical and mental health.

According to the floor they are located on, the sizes may vary, but they are all designed to maximize space while still providing a comfortable living environment. Moreover, the living area allows for plenty of fresh air movement, while the roof terrace provides an opportunity for some outdoor relaxation in nature.

Every floor plan promotes healthy activities like gardening and exercise classes, these features make it an ideal option for those who are looking to improve their overall health and well-being.

This project is luxurious and has a modern layout and that is becoming increasingly popular with many purchasers. This unique design promotes numerous health benefits that can improve the quality of life for residents.

The most notable benefit of the floor plan is its open layout. Thus removing the walls may allow natural light to enter the home and it encourages more air circulation within the apartments. Studies have shown us that living in natural light has been linked to improved moods and better sleep cycles too. It has also been proven to reduce stress levels and increase productivity.

Furthermore, air circulation helps keeps indoor air clean by reducing dust accumulation which can help prevent allergies or asthma attacks.

Another advantage of this floorplan is its focus on energy efficiency. Its construction materials are designed to retain heat in colder months and keep homes cool in the hot seasons, hence reducing energy costs significantly over time.

Enhanced with double-glazed windows with special coatings that block out UV rays while simultaneously allowing natural light into the home. This helps reduce eye strain caused by artificial lighting while also protecting residents from harmful radiation exposure.

Finally, these floor plans are designed with ergonomics in mind. The placement of furniture and fixtures helps reduce physical strain by allowing purchasers to move around easily in their homes without having to worry about obstacles or tight spaces.

This can help improve posture, muscle relaxation, and overall comfort while encouraging activity that boosts endorphin levels leading to improved mental well-being.

All in all, the layout offers numerous health benefits that make it an attractive option for all home purchasers looking for an efficient and comfortable living space.

Freehold Belgravia Green Price Condominium Open for Sale – By Fairview Developments Pte Ltd Developer – TOP

The development includes a total of 81 units which are exceptional apartments of which 10 are terraces and 79 are communal living apartments.

A “Temporary Occupation Permit” is a permit issued by the Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore (URA) to allow the physical occupation of a condo outfit. The TOP generally marks the completion of a construction phase and indicates that the condo is ready for resident occupancy. It is a piece of important information that any condo owner in Singapore would need to be aware of.

In terms of construction, the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) indicates that all building works have been completed according to URA’s guidelines, as well as any other regulatory requirements. It also signals the end of all snagging works, which are minor repairs or adjustments required before occupation can begin.

If you need to check the TOP date for any condos in the Serangoon in any part of Singapore, or any other locations in Singapore, purchasers should contact their builders or look up the official URA record online for more information about the Serangoon road condo, for example.

TOP usually means that new condos are fit for habitation, so residents of this condo can expect the TOP date to be around 2023. Residents can move in once they receive the TOP notification at their current addresses.

This landed enclave is strategically placed along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, a landed development by Fairview Development Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Tong Eng Group. The residents of this condo will enjoy the highest quality of living with its modern designs and luxurious amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and clubhouses.

Residents can also access nearby shopping centers like Greenwich, supermarkets, and other enjoyment amenities.

According to reports from The Straits Times, the average price for a four-bedroom can cost around $2.6 million, which is significantly higher than other residentiary apartments in the area.

You can say, high-priced outfits are very likely to contribute to a higher quality of life through any development. Provisions have been made for high-end appliances with associated electronics to handle the intricate requirements. With elegance and simplicity, coupled with excellent amenities and conveniences offered at this condo, it can make it an ideal choice for those looking for luxury living, in a serene environment.

One of the best options one can expect is that on every floor there is a private lift built in for your convenience.

With its proximity to major transportation hubs such as the MRT stations and highways, you can enjoy a convenient lifestyle without having to compromise on any quality of life.

We have seen the HDB residential data for the last 12 months which reflects the take-up trends of this project.  As such, we are open for sale and do still have a few more units for sale at discounted prices. Do call us on the hotline for more information and we will guide you to our showflat location, which is near the Serangoon or Yio Chu Kang MRTs, Please do drop by our showroom.

Our estate agents in the showroom will be more than happy to show you around the vicinity and show you the best highlights of the project for you. By the way, this project is open to any Singaporean and all Foreigners.

Strata Landed Terrace Property by Tong Eng Group – Amenity

In the neighborhood, we do have the Seletar Hills Estate and the Yio Chu Kang MRT station. As for any new industrial site in this area, there is the new Aerospace Industry near Yishun town, it’s called the Seletar Aerospace Park.

Landlords and homeowners in this condo can expect a ready stream of new home buyers or rental income with these ready tenants who would seek to rent units for those who support the Aerospace Industry.

And we do have the Ang Mo Kio Centre or hub, and there are major roads, and expressways nearby, like the Seletar Lentor Expressway(SLE), the Central Expressways(CTE), the Tampines Expressway,

We also do have schools for your kids like the kindergarten and also well-established primary and secondary schools,

Belgravia Green balance units

This project is NOT a leasehold development but it is the most highly sought-after equity for purchasers and investors alike. With a limited number of units available, prices are often high due to supply and demand. The balance apartments in the project have become even more valuable as they offer owners an opportunity to secure a piece of the coveted land.

Purchasers of these balance outfits, which are previously occupied or new units, are released at a reduced rate compared to buying a brand-new apartment. By purchasing these balance outfits, owners can save a considerable amount of money yet be able to own prime homes in this desirable area.

Furthermore, owning these residential apartments is an asset and even more attractive in this part of S’pore. As such, it is of utmost importance for potential owners to consider all transactions in this area as an indication before making any decisions regarding whether or not to buy Belgravia-Green balance unit listings.

Why buy Belgravia Green Condominium?

Belgravia Green is a new freehold entity, a unique, and attractive choice for anyone looking to purchase a luxurious piece of chattel real. This exquisite offer is a perfect combination of city living and set in rural tranquility and it is situated along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, an exclusive neighborhood, With beautiful old buildings, spacious public parks, and pedestrian-friendly streets.

Belgravia Green is strategically located for those who value both convenience and luxury. The area also boasts some of the finest restaurants, cafes, boutique shops, galleries, museums, and more. Furthermore, the surrounding neighborhood offers plenty of opportunities for entertainment such as theatres, music venues, and bars. All in

New Launch Belgravia Green Location Showflat

The showroom location is housed in District 28, itself. It’s strategically situated near mature equity.  At the showroom, residents may see how easy access to various amenities and transportation options are. Residents living here have the convenience of having shopping plazas, supermarkets, and eateries nearby.

With its proximity to the Seletar Expressway (SLE) and Tampines Expressway (TPE), it makes commuting to any part of the country hassle-free. Additionally, it is close to nature parks such as Sengkang Riverside Parkland and Punggol Waterway parkland and both are less than 10 minutes away.

With its attractive location and wide range of facilities, this project can cater to different lifestyle needs. For those interested in viewing, please visit us at our showroom, please contact us or fill up our contact form for more information.

Belgravia Green’s Top Date

The Temporary Occupational Permit (TOP) is a permit that allows residents to move into their new homes before the full completion of the development. The moving date is determined by the builders only and it defines the earliest date when a residence may move into a house. This permit is only granted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and is valid for only up to six months.

To receive this permit, a resident must go through a stringent application process and meet all criteria set out by URA. To obtain the permit, residents have to submit a completed application form available on their website and provide supporting documents such as documents proving their S’pore citizenship or S’pore Permanent

Residency status, financial statements, proof of address, and other relevant information, and they must also agree to comply with all conditions set out in the permit.

The criteria for the URA permit, are being a S’pore citizen or permanent resident aged 21 years old and above and the followings requirements;

  • having an annual income not exceeding S$80,000;
  • owning a valid driving license and owning no more than one vehicle or car in Singapore;
  • having not previously held a similar permit;
  • providing proof of address and other required documents;
  • agreeing to pay the applicable charges;
  • and agreeing to return the permit once it has expired.

Once the permit has been approved, residents will be able to enjoy living in their new home within days of application submission.

Singapore Postal Codes

This area focuses on Cluster Houses, which are luxurious and high-end residentiary buildings located along in a prime location. These buildings are typically large and feature swimming pools, playgrounds, gyms, and other relaxation activities. The showroom location is close to shopping plazas, restaurants, and other entertainment options, making it attractive for potential owners looking for a luxurious lifestyle.

All these factors contribute to increased wealth living in one of these highly sought-after locations. In addition, they offer multiple financing options that make buying homes even more accessible. Belgravia Green is a freehold entity with all the benefits associated with those living in this postcode, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to this exclusive area.


Picture Of Belgravia Green Postal Code

6-digit postal code

S’pore is divided into 28 districts, each assigned a unique postcode. D-28 is located in the northeast region of S’pore, comprised of several towns like Hougang, Tampines, and Pasir Ris.

The population in this area is over 50,000, making it one of the most populous districts. Residents of D-28 enjoy easy access to amenities like shopping malls, recreational centers, and schools, as well as transport links to other parts of the island.

Many apartments are offered here from public to private condos, in comparison to other popular areas such as D9 and D10. But D-28 pricing is relatively affordable for anybody looking to settle down here. With its many attractions and convenient location, it’s no surprise that District 28 continues tends to be one of the most sought-after places to live in.

The postcode affects the price per square foot in any area due to the location it is located in. The postcode for Belgravia Drive is 806935, a more affluent area of S’pore; therefore, prices tend to be much higher than in other parts of the country.

The postcode also reflects the area’s desirability, with many amenities nearby such as restaurants and shopping malls, making it an attractive option for those looking to purchase it. The higher price per square foot that comes with living on Belgravia Drive can be attributed to its proximity to these amenities and its status as a desirable area in S’pore.

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